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Itty Bitty Fishies

A perfectly tasteful snack for those who love chocolate and seafood. When you bite into these morsels, think of all the fish that started out in asphalt-lined hatcheries! From the kitchen of Lesley Williams.

IngredientsItty Bitty Fishies
2 - .124 squares white bark coating
3 - .125 squares chocolate-flavored bark coating
Size 3 decorating tip
Small plastic sandwich baggies
White parchment or wax paper
Simple fish drawing
Brown decorating gel

Place fish drawing under parchment paper on a flat surface. Melt chocolate bark coating in a microwave-safe bowl. Cut a small hole in the corner of the plastic bag and place decorating tip in hole. Fill bag with melted chocolate. Outline the fish on the parchment paper and fill in with chocolate. Let chocolate harden approximately two minutes. Melt white bark coating. Using another plastic baggie, draw and fill in fins, mouth and eyes. Let harden. Pipe on eyes using gel. Using a spatula, gently lift off paper to serve. Makes approximately 60 fish.


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