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Communities BenefitsHow will your community benefit from an asphalt plant? It's pretty simple actually.

Good roads — Asphalt covers 94 percent of the roads in the United States — and probably most of the roadways in your community. You probably don't think about the dependable roads that take you to school, shopping, work, worship, and play, but asphalt roads are a key to everyday transportation. The extensive U.S. road network offers you the freedom to get where you need to go. It's one of the greatest strengths of our nation's economy, and it's integral to the American way of life.

Good jobs — The asphalt industry employs more than 300,000 people all over the country. And that number is growing as more people discover the benefits of asphalt as a strong, safe, durable and cost-effective paving material.

Good neighbors — Asphalt producers are committed to being good corporate citizens. They strive to build clean, quiet facilities compatible with the rest of the neighborhood and to give back to the communities where they reside.

Asphalt plants are building communities

  • Lakeside Industries in Aberdeen, Washington, is a great example of the positive impact an asphalt plant can have on a community. Lakeside built and donated a city park with running/walking trails and picnic areas used by hundreds of people each day.
  • The Mangum Group of Raleigh, North Carolina, developed a program to incorporate waste asphalt shingles into its asphalt pavement. This waste used to account for 40 percent of one county's total landfill.
  • Fred Weber Inc. of Maryland Heights, Missouri, recovers landfill methane gas and supplies it at no cost to Pattonville High School. The school uses the gas to fire boilers for its heat and hot water.
  • Morse Brothers Inc. in Tangent, Oregon, created the "Let's Rock" curriculum for kindergarten—fifth grade. Morse Brothers provides the educational program free of charge to help about 300 local schools meet statewide earth science requirements.

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Approximately 300,000 people in the U.S. are employed by the asphalt industry.

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